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Curriculo em português


My Resumé and qualifications:

I am a qualified translator of English- Portuguese / Portuguese-English.
I specialise in Cultural translations and also have vast experience in a variety of fields including Business, Education, Medicine, Dentistry, Tourism and Psychology.

An early interest in the English language led to the completion of a course at the Centro Cultural Brasil-Estados Unidos and to my choice to study English and Portuguese at Universidade Federal do Paraná.

Later, in England, I completed a number of courses on translation, English and language teaching.

I lived in London for twelve years, where I had a great deal of professional experience at the Centre for Educational Development of Imperial College London.

Having lived in the United Kingdom for so many years, and being married to a British man, I have a very deep knowledge and understanding of the English language and culture.



• Bilingual Skills English/Portuguese
Westminster Adult Education - London, United Kingdom

• Cambridge Advanced Certificate
Cambridge University - London, United Kingdom

• English for academic and professional purposes
Westminster Adult Education - London, United Kingdom

• Supporting Learning and Teaching Programme - SLTP
Imperial College Centre for Educational Development

• Certificate of English Language Teaching to Adults - CELTA
Westminster Kingsway College

• Language Studies – English and Portuguese
Universidade Federal do Paraná – Curitiba, Paraná

• Complete English course from intermediate to advanced
Centro Cultural Brasil-Estados Unidos – Curitiba, Paraná

A few of my translation credits:


• Government of Angola website- Portuguese to English (ongoing)

• United Aviation Services website- UAS English to Portuguese

• Odebrecht - - various translation projects involving construction and industrial water treatment

• Quintas Private Residences website- - real estate translations - Portuguese to English

• GRV Tecnologia - - Website and promotional material - Portuguese to English

• Reserva do Paiva - - Tourism website - Portuguese to English

• Government of Angola website - - Portuguese to English (ongoing)

• Evaluation questionnaires for extensive research into Medicine, Gynaecology, Community Health, Mental Health and Dentistry courses for the Universities of Porto and Lisbon.- English to Portuguese


• Olodum Band / Percussion Bloco / Social NGO / Official Mascot World Cup 2014 in Salvador -Translation of a press release for the World Cup 2014 - Portuguese to English.

download PDF file 20 Things You Must Know About Music Online by Andrew DubberEnglish to Portuguese: An e-book by Andrew Dubber, giving advice to independent musicians on how to sell their music on-line and the modern day digital environment of intellectual property.

• The accent under the light (Sotaque em pauta) – Portuguese to English:
A poetic and educational book by Roberto Mendes and Nizaldo Costa on Chula and Samba de Roda, funded by the Brazilian Ministery of Culture - Portuguese to English.

• Many journalistic articles tranlsated for Brazilian News and Jungle Drums magazine, both publications aimed at the Brazilian community in London. - Portuguese to English & English to Portuguese.

• Synopsis of the book - Integrated Comprehension (Compreensão Integrada), by Francisco José Brasil Pompeo.-Portuguese to English.


Copyright - Dani Pompeo - 2011